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Travelling between the city of Warsaw and the Warsaw Modlin Airport

There is no direct railway connection between the Warsaw Central railway station or the Warsaw Gdańska railway station and the Warsaw Modlin Airport, and as such, when travelling to the airport by a Koleje Mazowieckie (KM) train, it is necessary to transfer to a different mode of transport in Modlin.

At the PKP Modlin station, passengers leave the train and board an airport bus that is marked with the logo of Koleje Mazowieckie. The bus then transports them directly to the airport.

The bus stops from which the airport buses depart are marked with the logo of Koleje Mazowieckie. They are located in the following places:
at the PKP Modlin railway station, the bus stop is located directly in front of the station building (towards Mieszka I street).

at the Modlin airport , the bus stop for travellers heading to the PKP Modlin railway station is located in front of the entrance to the airport building which is marked as Arrivals.

Airport ticket - a special offer

As part of the airport ticket special offer, a single-journey ticket can be purchased for PLN 20.00 (The prices of tickets available as part of the special offer are flat rates. No discounts or other rebates apply).

The airport ticket allows the passenger to:

  • travel from all railway stations within the city of Warsaw to the Modlin railway station (or vice versa) by any Koleje Mazowieckie trains, and
  • travel by a Koleje Mazowieckie airport bus from Modlin railway station to Warsaw Modlin Airport (or vice versa), and
  • travel by public transport within the boundaries of the 1st ZTM ticket zone in the city of Warsaw, provided that the ticket is valid on that day and no more than 75 minutes have passed since the time written on the ticket:
    • handwritten by the traveller in a permanent and legible manner,
    • through a mobile application,
    • on the KM website: bilety.mazowieckie.com.pl prior to downloading the ticket, 

     in the appropriate place. 

The Airport Ticket does not open the metro gates – use an elevator to enter the metro platform or take a free metro pass, which is ava­ilable at the Passenger Service Point or in the dispenser located next to the metro gates.



The airport ticket or the single-journey ticket for an airport bus can be purchased:
  • at ticket offices of Koleje Mazowieckie,
  • at ticket offices of the following Companies: “PKP Intercity”, POLREGIO, Łódzka Kolej Aglomeracyjna, Koleje Wielkopolskie, Koleje Małopolskie, Koleje Śląskie,
  • at Koleje Mazowieckie ticket machines,
  • through the SkyCash and mPay applications,
  • through the Internet at the following website: bilety.mazowieckie.com.pl,
  • from a train conductor,
  • at the Modlin airport, at Koleje Mazowieckie stands.

A single-journey ticket for an airport bus

Passengers who are travelling to and from Modlin as part of other Koleje Mazowieckie offers or with other carriers can get to and from Warsaw Modlin Airport just as easily by purchasing a single-journey ticket for the airport bus. The price of a single-journey ticket for a KM bus is PLN 6.30.

Please note that the bus driver does not sell tickets.


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